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Leak detection is no easy task. As any leak detection plumber will tell you, leaks often go unnoticed for a long time. Here, they quietly cause untold amounts of water damage that only get discovered much later. If you don’t attend to this, you will quickly need emergency plumbing assistance.

When your water bill suddenly skyrockets for no apparent reason, you need to search ” leak detection Port Elizabeth ” and let your recommended Port Elizabeth plumber fix your problem. On-site, we will first look for the tell-tale signs of a leaking pipe: wet spots on the wall or floor, unusually green spots in the grass or, if we’re lucky, water gushing out of a hole in the ground. If we can’t find any of these apparent giveaways, we will employ other, more advanced methods of leak detection sleuthing. We use the right tools and will find the leak, come hell or high water.

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A variety of different factors causes plumbing leaks. In most cases, these factors are compounded, having built up over time until, suddenly, a leak occurs. Here’s what could cause it:

Poorly installed fittings and joints. This one seems obvious. When a fitting is installed incorrectly or is not the right size for the job, it’s bound to spring a leak at some point. Here, the seals around the joint usually wears through first, allowing water to seep through. Over time, water will wear away the rest of the seal, allowing for a more significant water loss. High pressure in the pipes where these joints or fittings are installed, will compound the problem, since water will be forced through the tiny hole at a tremendous flow rate. When this happens, the seal or joint is worn through more quickly, causing a massive rupture and lots of damage in a short amount of time.

Pressure fluctuations. Most plumbing systems can handle relatively high pressure, provided that the pressure builds up slowly. When there is a sudden pressure increase in a pipe, the joints can get knocked out of the tube. Here, the sudden rise in pressure acts like a hammer hitting on the joints with tremendous force. Even correctly installed joints and fittings can’t necessarily withstand such sudden surges in pressure. That’s when you will need a leak detection expert.

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On the other hand, a sudden decrease in pressure causes what they call “water hammering”. Here, small bubbles in the water stream burst against the insides of water pipes and fittings, especially where there’s a bend in the pipeline. Over time, this causes damage to the pipe’s lining, thinning the lining enough for a leak to form. 

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They are using incorrect materials. When using the wrong materials to install a plumbing system, problems are bound to arise. These problems are more pronounced in pipes that must conduct hot water. Leaks are most common in the pipes between the geyser and hot water taps when these pipes are made of material that cannot withstand heat. As any leak detection plumber will tell you, it is essential to pay special attention to the materials used when designing and installing a new plumbing system, otherwise you will require leak detection services.

Damage is caused during renovations or new construction. We see this type of damage exceptionally often. You bought a new property and want to extend your home. The blueprints for the original building got lost or aren’t accurate, so you’re not sure where all the pipes are located. The builders are on-site, digging the new foundation, when suddenly, water gushes from the ground. They hit a water line, right in the area where the plans said there is no line. This type of damage is sometimes easy to fix, if it’s a clean hole in a short section of pipe that’s easily accessible. In other cases, the gap is jagged, so it’s not easy to patch. Here, the entire section of pipe must be replaced.

In most cases, when a search for “leak detection Port Elizabeth” is warranted, we will find a combination of the above causes. To get the experts to fix your problems, call us for excellent service and peace of mind.

Look for leak detection Port Elizabeth online and call Johan’s Plumbing Services.

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