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Need a blocked drain plumber in a hurry? Give us a call! When you search ”blocked drain Port Elizabeth“, you will see that Johan’s Plumbing Services are the best rated plumbers in Port Elizabeth. Seriously. We come running, night or day, rain or shine, to make your plumbing worries go away.

You just did a bathroom renovation and now you walked outside with your morning coffee, planning to drink in the fresh morning air before the craziness began. The kids are still asleep, and this is the only bit of peace you’re likely to get for the rest of the day. You look at your immaculate garden and see a stream of water running across the lawn. That’s not good. As you draw near, you see that the water isn’t clear. It’s all brown and disgusting. Then you notice the smell. Oh my goodness, it’s sewerage! You have a blocked drain!

Johan’s Plumbing Services are the recommended blocked drain plumber in the business to sort out this mess for you. Our plumbers will find what caused the blocked drain and unblock it before you can say “blocked drain Port Elizabeth”. There are no comebacks on our work, since we’re professional and we know what we’re doing.

Call Johan’s Plumbing Services if you have a blocked drain. We will unblock it FAST.

Blocked Drain Companies

Blocked drain companies would be able to tell you that the leading causes of blocked drains are tree roots boring into your drainpipes, and foreign objects flushed down the drain. If you repeatedly have problems with tree roots blocking your drains, it might be time to get a tree feller to sort that out for you. It’s unfortunate, because a garden full of trees is impressive and trees take so long to grow tall enough to cast proper shadow. There aren’t many things better than a lazy Sunday afternoon spent in the green shadow of a tree in a beautiful garden.

To fix a blocked drain, you need the right tools. We have them, and we know how to use them. If your property is built more than 20 years ago, you probably still have ceramic pipes for your sewerage system. With these pipes, you must be super careful when unblocking the drains. The traditional drain clearing tools have a bunch of spinning blades that can knock a hole right through those brittle ceramic pipes. When this happens, you have new troubles heaped onto your already crappy day (excuse the pun). If someone caused damage like that to your drains, give us a call. We can install new pipes, non-ceramic in a jiffy, having your system working even better than it did before.

Call Johan’s Plumbing Services if you have a blocked drain. We will unblock it FAST.

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Blocked Drain Port Elizabeth

When you get Johan’s Plumbing Services, your professional blocked drain plumber in Port Elizabeth, to fix the mess, we will use tools that will pull out the blockage instead of slicing it into smaller pieces to flush away. In this way, your drains are unblocked, and the mess thrown in the trash, where it belongs. Your sewerage pipes will be intact and undamaged by the ordeal. As a bonus, whatever caused the blockage won’t get stuck somewhere downstream.

The type of tool with the spinning blades is usually ineffective in removing non-organic objects from your drain, like cleaning cloths or similar materials. Here, you need the type of tool that we use as par for the course. Again, the object is removed easily without damaging the pipes. No mess, no fuss – just efficient service that will put a smile on your dial.

If you’re living in a complex and have a drains system that links to the units around you, blocked drains can be a serious issue and cause for contention between neighbours. Let us have a look at the pipes in your entire complex to ensure that your system is working correctly and effectively. Anyone with experience of blocked drains in complexes knows that, if one unit has a problem, all the units upstream of that one has a problem. It’s not a pretty sight.

When this happens to you, give us a call. We’re not afraid of poop, and we know how to sort out your blocked drain in no time. We also have the right tools for the job, ensuring that there will be no collateral damage when we’re fixing the problem at hand.

Call Johan’s Plumbing Services if you have a blocked drain. We will unblock it FAST.

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