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Plumbing emergencies are no fun. When the pawpaw hits the fan at your home, you need the best in the business by your side. You need the best plumbers in Port Elizabeth, like Johan’s Plumbing Services. With our lightning-fast response time and upbeat, efficient work ethic, your plumbing woes will turn to smiles in no time at all.

Plumbing repairs can be a messy business. To lighten your load and make your day a little sunnier, our Port Elizabeth plumbers endeavor to make the least possible amount of mess when we repair your plumbing system. Our team of expert plumbers are quick, efficient and highly qualified for the job.

If your blocked drain has you searching ”plumbers Port Elizabeth” at two on a Sunday morning, you’ll see that our name is at the top of the list. Give us a call for complete peace of mind. Word of mouth referral is how most people find us. This fact attests to the high quality of our work. We don’t get comebacks because our plumbing quality is excellent.

As any plumber in Port Elizabeth will tell you, a whole host of factors can cause blocked drains. The leading cause is tree roots boring into the sewerage system in search of water. With the right tools, this problem is fixed quickly and easily. If you have an older property, your sewerage system probably still has ceramic pipes. If tree roots block these pipes, you need specialised tools to unblock the drains. The traditional roto rooter has spinning blades that will crack or even shatter these brittle pipes. We don’t use this tool on ceramic pipes – instead, we use the latest equipment on the market that can be used safely and efficiently in all types of pipes.

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If you got your neighbour’s cousin’s uncle to unblock your drains and he did indeed shatter your ceramic pipes, call the best plumber in Port Elizabeth for repairs. Johan’s Plumbing Services boasts the best plumbers, Port Elizabeth has ever seen. We will replace your old ceramic pipes with durable, high-quality tubes that will last for decades.

Another common cause for blocked drains is flushing foreign objects down the drain. It happens, especially if you have toddlers. They see you using the dust cloth to clean the house, so they helpfully clean the toilet with it. They also know that the toilet should be flushed, so they flush the towel down the toilet for you. Extremely helpful, aren’t they? That’s when you search “plumbers Port Elizabeth” and give us a call.

Perhaps your plumbing system sprung a leak? That’s a painful one, since you usually only realise it when you get the enormous water bill. This water bill could be as much as ten times the average amount, which will leave a hole in your pocket. Our plumbers in Port Elizabeth are also leak detection specialists and will find and fix that leak in two ticks.

Being water-wise is essential in our country. If you want to join the environmentally conscious movement, let us help you make the switch. As the most experienced plumber in the Port Elizabeth area and surrounds, we can advise you on the systems that work, and that will best suit your needs and budget. Our plumbing services goes far beyond replacing your existing taps and fixtures with the water-efficient alternative. We can redesign your entire plumbing system to use green energy and optimise every drop of water.

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We also design and install greywater systems. Our experienced team of plumbers in Port Elizabeth area knows how to incorporate a greywater system into your property seamlessly. This greywater system will be not only functional and efficient, but also easy on the eye. Who says practical solutions should be ugly? We make luxury and functionality meet.

Is your family expanding? That means you probably have a higher demand for hot water in your home than with what your current geyser can keep up. We boast an expert Port Elizabeth plumber that can solve this problem for you in two ticks. Our plumber will assess the situation and determine your home’s needs. He will discuss all the options with you and find the best solution for you.

We know the pros and cons of electrical geysers compared to gas or solar geysers. Our Port Elizabeth plumbers will also advise when to use vertical rather than horizontal installations, or high pressure rather than low-pressure systems.

Electrical geysers can be energy-efficient, but still rely on the load shedding schedule. If this gets you down, consider solar or gas geysers. Solar geysers are entirely independent of manmade power sources, allowing you to take your home off the grid completely. The downside is limited capacity. Solar geysers are generally small and take a long time to refill and reheat. If your family only has a few members and you generally prefer having a hot shower in the evenings, this is the option for you.

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Johan’s Plumbing Services will deal with all emergency plumbing problems. If you are looking for emergency plumbers, we are ready to assist you.

If your family is large and you need an ample supply of hot water, a gas geyser is probably the best option. As long as you have gas to heat the geyser, you will have hot water. With this geyser, the water heats up as it flows to the tap. For this reason, it is hot instantly and is independent of the size of the geyser. This hot water solution is perfect for large families and busy homes.

If your geyser leaks or has burst, call the best plumber Port Elizabeth area for repairs. We’ve seen it all and will have your hot water supply back to normal in no time.

Are you undertaking a new construction project? That means you need to search “plumber Port Elizabeth” and give us a call. We will assist you in designing and installing a plumbing system that is energy-efficient, water-wise and cost-effective. We can even integrate a greywater irrigation system into the design. Your new green building can be state-of-the-art and luxurious without costing an arm and a leg. If you have a borehole on the property, we can effectively connect this to your plumbing system as well.

You can also check out our bathroom renovations page.

We take our reputation as the best plumbers in Port Elizabeth  very seriously. You can rest assured that Johan’s Plumbing Services offer fair quotes, reasonable call-out fees and work of the highest quality. Call the best plumbers in Port Elizabeth today for a free quote on your plumbing emergency or new installation.

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